Streets Alive Mosaic

Streets Alive Mosaic is a non-profit initiative fundraiser for the Streets Alive Mission located in Lethbridge, Alberta. The fundraiser is put together entirely by a team of management students as part of the Integrated Management Experience (IME) program offered at the University of Lethbridge’s Dhillon School of Business.

Smaller Pieces
to a Bigger Community.

The photos collected from the Streets Alive Mosaic Fundraiser will be crafted into a stunning piece of art by local Albertan mosaic artist Lewis Lavoie, part of Mural Mosaic Inc. The final art piece will be unveiled as an outdoor mural located in the downtown core of The City of Lethbridge.

This is a unique year we are experiencing together, and we have an incredible opportunity to safely raise funds for the Streets Alive Mission and their cause.

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Our Mission

To bridge the gap between human connection, timeless support and inner beauty within the Lethbridge community.

Our Values

Human Connection

Have you ever connected to someone on a level where it feels as if you are sharing energy? It truly is a powerful feeling that can inspire change and instill trust. This phenomenon can appear in many different forms, and we want to see what it looks like to you! With your personalized tile, show us your idea of human connection. It is always refreshing to take in new perspectives, and we look forward to seeing yours!

Timeless Support

One of the most unique opportunities that this fundraiser provides is an aspect of lasting support. Funds raised will help Streets Alive to carry out important physical, mental and spiritual support efforts in the coming years. With your donation, you are providing more than just funds. It could mean a meal for those who go hungry. It could mean a winter jacket for someone stuck out in the cold. It could mean a roof over someone’s head, a good night’s sleep or so much more. If you think back to a time where you received the support you needed, just remember how great it felt. That is the feeling we want for everyone to have the opportunity to experience.

Inner Beauty

Each and every one of us is so much more than our physical appearance. The same will be said about our mural. Below the surface, everyone has so much more to offer than meets the eye. We just need to provide the opportunity to show how special they can be. Streets Alive programs help the less fortunate to showcase their inner beauty for all to see. Although our mural will feature a design of Streets Alive, if you look closely, these programs would not be possible without YOU. This is why we want to see your smiling faces. Together, we can come together to create something deeply beautiful.