Integrated Management Experience Program

The Integrated Management Experience (IME) is a program offered to undergraduate students enrolled in the Dhillon School of Business at the University of Lethbridge. The program combines academics with a community assignment where we— the students — have the opportunity to solve a real business problem for a non-profit in our community each year. This year, the IME program has partnered with the Streets Alive Mission to raise funds via the Street Alive Mosaic Fundraiser. In addition, we will design and implement an Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) plan for the organization to aid in awareness in communities outside of the immediate Lethbridge area.

We hope that we can make as big of an impact on the community as previous IME students have before us.

Both of the fundraiser and IMC plan will provide each of us with the unique opportunity to build practical, analytical, and personal skills that will help to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the real-world business environment. We hope that we can make as big of an impact on the community as previous IME students have before us.

From The Class

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all, and has altered the program
delivery of IME, but we are all in this together! Strong communication
skills have been paramount for us this year. We have been provided
with a unique learning environment, and have found a way to
make a difference from a distance.

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are!

- The 2020-21 IME Team

Quick Fact:
The IME program has been providing students with experience and success for over 20-years at the University of Lethbridge.

The Program's Goal

“IME should really stand for I’m More Employable”.

The absolute goal of the IME program is to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in the business world. The exceptional experience provided in this program is one important reason as to why so many students choose to pursue a management degree at the Dhillon School of Business. By participating in community events, enhancing knowledge within the classroom, and creating stronger relationships with our fellow students, the IME program lets us test out theoretical knowledge in real-world situations in order to determine the environments that we individually thrive in most. As a former IME student once said; “IME should really stand for I’m More Employable”.

Quick Fact:
The 2017-18 IME Class received the ‘Inspiring Philanthropy Award’ by The Association of Fundraising Professionals Southern Alberta Chapter.

IME Enhances our Marketable Skills

One of the most important components to the IME program is the opportunity to enhance invaluable skills that can transfer to the business world.

A few of the skills emphasized within the IME program are:

Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills

The ability to work in teams is an important component to any businesses success. At the beginning of the 2020 fall semester, the IME students were divided into teams. The interpersonal skills developed through additional team work will provide us with a competitive advantage over our peers outside the IME program when entering the workforce.

Time Management

Since the IME program requires a demanding work-ethic, each of us develops the invaluable time management skills necessary early on in the program. This will help us more easily work through and complete several projects at once.

Public Speaking

One of the most important tools for success in the business world is the ability to communicate with others. The IME program provides numerous opportunities to enhance our public speaking ability through community events, networking, workshops, and team presentations.

Decision Making

Through our fundraiser and IMC project, the IME program will hone-in and focus our collaboration skills as we work with the Streets Alive Mission. Although we are provided direction from our instructor, the program calls for the ability to make important business decisions on our own. These decision making and problem-solving skills are an important competency to master before entering the business world.