Announcing the Launch of The Streets Alive Mosaic Fundraiser!

The Dhillon School of Business’s IME Team is thrilled to announce the launch of the Streets Alive Mosaic Fundraiser. Visit us at After five months of planning and hard work, we are pleased to introduce the Streets Alive Mural Mosaic Fundraiser for the Southern Alberta community of Lethbridge!

We’ve provided a brief overview of what were all about:

What is Streets Alive Mosaic

Streets Alive Mosaic is a non-profit initiative fundraiser for the Streets Alive Mission located in Lethbridge, Alberta. The fundraiser is put together entirely by a team of management students as part of the Integrated Management Experience (IME) program offered at the University of Lethbridge’s Dhillon School of Business.


About The Fundraiser

The Street Alive Mosaic Fundraiser is a unique initiative for raising awareness and financial support for The Streets Alive Mission as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic where traditional in-person fundraisers have been temporarily rescinded.

Over the span of 3-months, Streets Alive Mosaic will allow the Lethbridge community to virtually-purchase the tiles that individually make up the larger image of the art piece. Donors are encouraged to upload an image to be printed on the tile that are in relation to the overarching theme of the mural– Human Connection. These photos would presume to be sentimental in value such as pictures of family and friends.


About The Artist – Mural Mosaic Inc.



The mural mosaic process itself was invented by Lavoie that takes individual paintings and places them in a specific order to create a large painting.


Established in Alberta, Canada 1997, Mural Mosaic Inc. recreated the classic concept of a mural. The first Mosaic Mural was designed for a retaining wall next to an art gallery in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Five years later, in 2004, designer and key artist Lewis Lavoie incorporated his process and other artists to form Mural Mosaic Inc.

The company is proud to be Canadian in origin!


About The IME Team

The Integrated Management Experience (IME) is a program offered to undergraduate students enrolled in the Dhillon School of Business at the University of Lethbridge. The program combines academics with a community assignment where we— the students — have the opportunity to solve a real business problem for a non-profit in our community each year.

This year, the IME program has partnered with the Streets Alive Mission.

In addition, the students will design and implement an Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) plan for the organization to aid in awareness and recognition in communities outside of the immediate Lethbridge area.



Please buy a tile from us to help support The Streets Alive Mission!


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